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Everything you need to know about Street Fighter 6 Mobile

Street Fighter 6 Mobile is a new installment in the Street Fighter series, featuring innovative new gameplay features and enhanced graphics in every aspect of the game. Powered by Capcom’s in-house RE ENGINE, Street Fighter 6 features three distinct game modes – Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub. Your path to the title of world warrior begins here. your moment. your fight.

Street Fighter 6 APK is a brand known by every gamer. It was this title, and in particular the second part, that set the standard for many future fighting games and the entire genre. Each character had their own fighting style and special skills, which was not so obvious in the early years of the industry. The second installment of the series was so popular that it had dozens of editions, additions and variations.

One of the best releases was this for the SNES console, which offered graphics and music straight from the slot machines.
Subsequent editions were also very popular, and Street Fighter 5 attracted many enthusiasts over the years, who worked out the game to perfection. However, the fifth came out more than 6 years ago, so Capcom confirmed that it’s time for a successor. For the first time in the history of the series, Street Fighter 6 will feature real-time commentary. This will allow you to feel the excitement of competing in the tournament in the comfort of your own home.

Street Fighter 6 Mobile

1. Download Street Fighter 6 APK

Get the Street Fighter 6 file by simply clicking the download button below. If you’re downloading the file from a PC, make sure to connect your device to the computer.

2. Install Street Fighter 6 Mobile

When you open the file, a pop-up box will appear, stating, ‘For security reasons, your device is set to block installations from unknown sources.’ To enable installation for Street Fighter 6, click on ‘Settings’

3. Open the Street Fighter 6 Game

Following installation, you’ll find the Street Fighter 6 icon on your phone. Simply launch the game, and it will proceed to download the necessary OBB and data files. The game will begin once the download is complete.

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Street Fighter 6 APK – Characters

  • Ryu – the iconic character of the series, who seems older and more mature with each subsequent installment. This is emphasized by the beard, which the warrior did not have in the previous parts. We can see it, for example, in the above trailer announcing the game. So far, only some of his iconic punches, known to fans before, have been shown;
  • Ken – another flagship character with a moveset similar to Ryu;
  • Dhalsim – an Indian fakir who breathes fire and can stretch his limbs;
  • E. Honda – a Japanese sumo competitor who tries to use his body weight and quick blows with his hands in the fight;
  • Blanka – a beast from Brazil who, in addition to fast, animal movements, has electric attacks at his disposal;
  • Guile – A brand new trailer featuring Guile was revealed right at the start of the ‎‎Summer Game Fest‎‎ 2022 show. Thankfully, the character has retained his iconic moves like Sonic Boom and Flash Kick despite some minor visual changes. His iconic plane-fighting arena will also return to the game;
  • Luke – fights using military ‎‎MMA‎‎ (Mixed Martial Arts), but focuses primarily on punches. This style is great for players who prefer melee combat‎;
  • Chun-Li – as in the previous parts of the series, Chun-Li is a heroine who focuses on fighting with her legs. ‎Prefers the use of multiple fast attacks over the slow, powerful strikes of larger characters like Zangief‎;
  • Jamie – a new warrior in the series. A character using a capoeira-like style combined with “drunk boxing”. This is especially noticeable when using a special move. Reminds me a bit of Eddy from the Tekken series;
  • Kimberly – a new character that we don’t know much about yet,
  • Dee Jay – a hero whose success will largely depend on our sense of rhythm,
  • Marisa

Street Fighter 6 Mobile Mechanics

Street Fighter 6 Mobile is a classic representative of the fighting game genre, in which two opponents face each other. Producers from the Capcom studio introduced alternative control options in the “six” to make the game easier for less experienced users. In addition to the classic scheme that requires memorizing complex button sequences for the best techniques, dynamic and modern layouts have also appeared. The first supports the player with automatic strikes, the second reduces special attacks to simple combinations.

The gameplay has also become more accessible due to the presence of the Drive indicator. It serves e.g. to perform powerful counter-attacks or moves that can absorb the incoming strike and knock the rival out of rhythm. The key to success is to constantly use the Drive system to activate special attacks, while taking care not to use it completely, which will temporarily cause you to lose access to the most powerful techniques.

Street Fighter 6 APK Download – main features

  • Dominate the battlefield

Street Fighter 6 features a highly developed combat system with three types of controls – modern, dynamic and classic. This allows you to quickly play according to your skill level. Combined with the new Drive System, which provides multiple combat options with a single Drive meter, this makes the sixth installment the most accessible in Street Fighter history.

  • Explore the streets in World Tour

Discover the meaning of strength in World Tour, an immersive single-player story mode. Explore Metro City and more with your avatar. Meet the masters who will take you under their wing and teach you their styles and techniques.

  • Search for rivals in Battle Hub

Battle Hub is the main mode in Street Fighter 6 where players can gather and communicate with each other to become stronger together. Use your World Tour avatar to check Battle Hub lockers and play with other players. You can also head over to the Game Center and play Capcom’s classic arcade games.

Street Fighter 6 Control Q & A

For the first time in the history of the series, Street Fighter 6 will feature three control options: Contemporary, Dynamic and Classic. The Contemporary and Dynamic options are brand new and are designed to be accessible to new players and people who haven’t played Street Fighter in a long time.

Modern controls allow you to perform special attacks with simple button combinations. It is designed for players who want to have spectacular fights without having to memorize and practice complicated button combinations. Dynamic controls are great when family or friends drop by for a quick, casual game or want to learn the basics of a character. Classic controls use a six-button layout and will be familiar to fans of previous Street Fighter games.

The dynamic control system is reserved for offline play in some Fighting Ground modes. Classic and Modern controls can be used in all Fighting Ground modes as well as World Tour.

  • Processor: Snapdragon 855 or newer, or equivalent from another brand
  • RAM: At least 4 GB, recommended 6 GB or more
  • Operating System: Android 9.0 Pie or newer
  • Graphics Card: Adreno 640 or newer, or equivalent from another brand
  • Storage Space: At least 2 GB of free disk space
  • Display: Full HD resolution or higher, Quad HD recommended
  • Other: Support for OpenGL ES 3.2 or newer, support for Vulkan API, accelerometer, gyroscope, and other sensors support.

  • Processor: Apple A12 Bionic or newer
  • RAM: At least 4 GB, recommended 6 GB or more
  • Operating System: iOS 13 or newer
  • Graphics Card: Integrated into the processor, with support for advanced visual effects
  • Storage Space: At least 2 GB of free disk space
  • Display: Retina resolution or higher
  • Other: Support for Metal API, accelerometer, gyroscope, and other sensors support.